HICX (Heart of Illinois Cyclocross) has a long and storied history as an overall series. This year, there is no HICX Overall. But there is the Dungaree:

  • First place: $432.10
  • Second place: $321.00
  • Third place: $210.00
  • Random winner: $100.00

It works thus: 

  1. You need to finish 2 HICX races.
    We don’t care about your category, we don’t care about your place. Just race. 
  2. You need to make some art. 
    Email that art (or a representation of it) to admin@hicx.us by Nov 13.
    Our esteemed judge will award the top three entries (assuming there are three), then a dice roll awards a random winner.
    Our esteemed judge?
    Is Tim Johnson.

The DIM Dungaree

After the race on Saturday, October 22 (from about 2-6pm), we’re having a happy hour at at DIM Art House, 319 Chatham Rd, Springfield, IL

It’s BYOBFF (bring beverages/food/family) — whether you raced or not, come talk, celebrate, see what’s been created, or even create something yourself! 

Questions you might ask

  1. Did you say Tim Johnson?
    Yes. To clarify, it’s the Tim Johnson who won 6 US National CX titles and rode for the US in 13 UCI Cyclocross World Championships. It’s that guy.
    We asked him because we wanted cyclocross woven throughout this. And he’s an icon of the sport.
  2. I’ve heard of art, but what is cyclocross?
    It’s this type of bike racing where you ride a cyclocross bike or mountain bike over grass, bumps, and mud. In the early 1900s, cyclocross derived from the same traditions as cross-country running and steeplechase races — they were town-to-town races where you had to find your own path. Today’s races symbolize some of the fences, streams, and fields that you’d encounter.
  3. I’ve heard of cyclocross, but what is art? (or at least, what type of art is allowed for the Dungaree?)
    Use your judgement. The challenge is the same as the roots of cyclocross — the path is your own. For more, read The Nathan Carls Dungaree Manifesto below.
  4. What if I have other questions?
    Email admin@hicx.us to set up a consultation at Keg Grove brewery in Bloomington.

The Nathan Carls Dungaree Manifesto

— Nathan Carls, esteemed Cross Boss and organizer of the Pumpkin Hop CX

The Dungaree. Aren’t we all a little half-done most of our lives, anyway? Ben and Jerry might say, “half-baked,” as opposed to Cheech and Chong, who spent much of their lives fully-baked. Or so it seemed.

But with cyclocross, it’s full-gas from start to finish. Regardless of how it looks, it feels… well, it hurts. When it is on, we think, “Why am I doing this?!” And immediately upon crossing the finish line, we think, “When is the next one?!?!?!”

When one organizes, the next one is always now. The planning never ends. It’s a process. It’s a hashtag: #nevernotcross. For me, I am at my best – I feel best – when I am creating. Be it thought, writing, designing, building, planting, mowing, performing… One might think I need another creative outlet like I need another hole in my head. But this is exactly what cyclocross affords me. Designing and building a course is creation. It’s art. Not art with the intent of being admired or applauded, but definitely to be shared. The reward for me is the process, itself. It is like so many things where 99% of the time involved is devoted to preparation, leaving the 1% to execution. A beautiful meal may take hours to get ready, then is consumed in as little as 15 minutes. So goes our lives.

Cyclocross is camaraderie. Yes, the gear is a collection of awesome toys and the racing is exhilarating. But those are only a collective viaduct to relationships. I’ve met many wonderful folks in my cyclocross journey, but when it comes down to it, we only have “15 minutes” together once or twice a year. It likely will remain so. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share and grow humanity. And what better way to do that than through our individual creativity?

I’ve experienced great delight when I have found a CX acquaintance has similar interests to mine. Especially musical. They play this or that instrument (or many). They go to The Fox theater on a regular basis. Their kids are in a choir. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful places and interesting captures when my CX acquaintances have shared photographs from their lives, completely devoid of anything to related to cycling.

Will you continue to share with us?

With so few races this year, HICX is not running the series from a points perspective. There is no “Overall,” per se. But we would like to continue fostering community, and try something that we think is a first.

Race three times. There are morning and afternoon races at Pumpkin Hop Cross, and there’s Springfield ParCX2022. And create something! Sculpt. Paint. Sing. Draw. Compose. Capture. It can be cycling-related, certainly, but that is not required. Anything you might call “art,” or that isn’t “art” at all. But you make it so, simply by creating it.

Then email it (or representation of it) it to us. We will award first, second, and third cash prizes, and a fourth prize from a drawing of the remaining entries. 

What does this have to do with cyclocross? Nothing.

And everything.